At Harvest Market, we take great pride in getting involved with and giving back to our local communities. Every month, Harvest Market puts together various community events and looks forward to opportunities to give back in any way we can. We proudly consider ourselves a neighborhood market, and we strive to live up to this ideal. We’re honored to be a part of our neighborhood’s story.

Our neighbors are both our friends and our customers. Harvest Market takes joy in meeting our neighbors and creating community events revolving around food and togetherness. Events such as our Wine and Food sampling Festival, our annual Rodeo Roundup, as well as our mission to sponsor local school events are a part of our commitment to being an integral part of the neighborhood.


Fort Bend Education Foundation was part of our Grand Opening

September 28th: We are pleased to contribute with Fort Bend Education Foundation mission to provide opportunities to enrich and enhance the quality of education for all FBISD students through its grant programs.

Forth bend

Harvest Market present at Diwali Mela

October 19th.- We are so honored to be participating in the Festival of Lights this Saturday at the Hindu Temple of the Woodlands. We will offer a great variety of vegetables and cheese!


Harvest Market at Missouri City Farmers Market

We are so proud to be every Saturday supporting local farmers and producers! We have Baklava, Fresh-Made Pasta and In Store Baked Bread for you!

Farmers Market

Farmers Market at Katy Store

October 22th: You are invited to this Saturday’s Farmers Market Event! Come check out our Celebration with Holiday Vendors, Fresh Produce and Local Food. Activities and entertainment for all ages are going to be welcoming from the outside of the store, including a Bouncy House, Face Painting, Product Raffles, Holiday Vendor Tables, Food Trucks & Sampling, Plenty of local Food Fare and some Boy Scouts around. Come and experience with us the best combination of Groceries and Restaurant all together to form a Grocerant unique and special experience.

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