Supporting Local Farms
Supporting Local Farms

Harvest Natural Market supports numerous local ranchers and farmers in order to obtain the best quality, local and fresh produce, products and meat, and to help our local farmers who work hard to provide their communities with the best.

We believe that local made products are made with the best ingredients – which often means what they are not made out of – is anything artificial or chemical. We take pride in carrying soaps, local honey, and other natural made products from our local communities. We believe the quality they provide is superior and lacks the harmful, chemical stuff, while keeping everything natural intact.


Our Sustainability Measures

At Harvest Natural Market, is it our mission to source from and support as many local farmers and ranchers that we can. We believe that this is a practice that benefits everyone. When sourcing produce, meat or natural goods from local farms, we do our part to ensure the following:

1) Supporting local farms that exist for providing food for their local communities, and which tend to practice more sustainable and humane methods of both raising crops or animals compared to their industrial counterparts.

2) By sourcing from local farmers and ranchers within Texas, we do our part to ensure sustainability and environmentally friendly practices in numerous ways. Firstly, all products, produce or meat sourced locally travel the least amount in distance to get from our farmers to our stores. This ensures the integrity and freshness of our products and food. Secondly, by lowering the amount of miles passed between the goods carried in our stores and the sources they are brought in from, we can be sure to protect the environment with low transportation costs, lowering the need for fuel and gas emissions. This is a positive cycle that we believe benefits all.

3) We strongly believe in the high quality of the produce, meat, and natural goods such as honey, of locally raised and made products. Much of the meat we carry from local farms is organic and grass-fed or free-range. The quality of local products, we believe, is unmatched.

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