Starting March 17th we will raise our employee's wages "We are taking care of OUR Family too" | HM Grocerant
Starting March 17th we will raise our employee’s wages  “We are taking care of OUR Family too”
Starting March 17th we will raise our employee’s wages “We are taking care of OUR Family too”

(Montgomery, Texas – March. 22nd, 2020)  Harvest Market is in the grocery and restaurant industry. But there is no denying that we are also in the business of ‘family’. Harvest Market is a family owned business that is committed to serving YOUR family with carefully curated food, household, and health provisions. 

We are also committed to protecting, caring for and serving OUR Harvest Market team members. Just as we consider you, our customers, the ‘heart’ of our business. WE consider our employees the strength that makes our heartbeat. These people are not just our employees but they truly are our family. 

Right now our Harvest family is traversing through the same challenges of COVID-19, as you. Families are experiencing worry over their job security, finances, health and having access to the essentials they need.

To show our appreciation for their hard work, our employees, we will be increasing their hourly wages, effective March 17th through April 13th.  Everyone will receive an additional $2.10 to their hourly wage. 

We approach absences for illnesses with broad leniency.  We encourage our Harvest family members to follow the CDC guidelines and encourage them to stay home when they are ill. Some employees have had to face the difficult choice to self-quarantine for the benefit of a loved one with a compromised immune system. We are assuring them that we understand their choice and that their jobs will be here for them when they return.

We communicate daily with our staff on their needs and assure them that there will be enough essentials set aside for each of them to purchase at the end of their shifts. They can trust that we hold them as a priority. No one will be expected to serve our neighbors but go home without an opportunity to get the essentials they need for their own children and families.

And while our employees are on shift here with their Harvest Market family – we make every effort to comfort, feed, hydrate and encourage them through their day. We all need patience and reassurance during this time. We are taking care of OUR family too.

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