Healthy Life Seminar

With the participation of Gastroenterologist, Author, and Wellness Expert Venu Julapalli, we had an educative Healthy Life Seminar at Harvest Natural Market!


That was a great seminar especially for those;

  • suffering from chronic heartburn, indigestion, bloating, or irregular bowel movements,
  • having chronic belly pain and gas,
  • tired of trying one medicine after another for their symptoms, without relief,
  • feeling like this health care system isn’t serving anymore.

That was actually a great chance to learn about another way to get rid of your chronic digestive issues once and for all. So, what we’ve learned from this seminar:

  • How our gut dysfunction is the doorway to health and well-being
  • Why our indigestion isn’t going away, even when we are following our doctor’s advice (Hint: our thyroid could be connected)
  • Why medicines and surgery for heartburn put us AT RISK
  • What is the Biggest Mistake people make with stress that prevents them from feeling better
  • What REALLY WORKS for lasting relief from chronic digestive problems. Safely. Healthfully!
  • How our gastrointestinal problems relate to many other symptoms, BEYOND our gut
  • What is THE KEY to unlocking the door to health and well-being

We’d love to thank Venu Julapalli to share his valuable knowladge with us to raise our awareness on healthy life, and we’d love to thank all of our guests to join us. We hope these kinds of educational activities will be continued along with you at Harvest Natural Market!

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